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Through an extensive site analysis and evaluation process the master plan responded to specific site conditions, accessibility and topography. Taking full advantage of these and thorough review of various massing options the proposed scheme was laid out along the east west spine. The selected scheme enables two towers with 2, 2.5 & 3 bedroom unit types as defined by the owner’s program. Mindtful placement of  towers on the site allows the unobstructed views of the surrounding areas.



Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore
Best Golden Pvt Ltd
8,30200 sft
Chetan, Shubha,Gopi, Raj.

By giving parking spaces partly in the stilt floor and partly in basements, the scheme maximizes the potential for open spaces. The plans were conceptualized for utmost efficiency  keeping the end user in mind. Starting off with rectangular form for the building, punctures were introduced to reduce the percentage of common walls between two units. The punctures not only make provision for cross ventilation but also provide relief in the elevation by creating more vertical lines, making the building look taller rather than being stout and bulky.