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Group Housing-old

Golden Grand
Through an extensive site analysis and evaluation process the master plan responded to specific site conditions, accessibility and topography.
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Ranka Badami
The largest green space in Bangalore and the “lung space” for the city is just a stone throw away from the site. The oldest and monumental buildings of Bangalore which is the Town Hall gets a fair view from the site too.
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Jakkur Co-Living
This 6900 sqm area Ground + 3 floors building is majorly designed as Co-Living space along with few commercial spaces in one of the fastest developing areas of North Bangalore.While planning, the site was divided into grids keeping in mind the column layout for parking in the basement.
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Co-Living at HSR
The site has a single road approach. The shorter side of this G+4 building faces north.
Basement Floor contains all services including laundry, CCTV room etc. Ground floor has Lobby and Gym.
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Concept of BULLBERG NANDIHILLS is to create a very nature friendly private getaway for the busy city professionals. The 47 acres plots is divided into smaller sites, with each site having 3 dwelling units.
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Woodshire Emerson Park
The Emerson Park has been designed to define old-world luxury in a modern urban environment. Having only 34 units in a 2 acre land, the low density of population within the site ensures that residents get a sense of privacy even while sharing common amenities like swimming pool and the clubhouse facilities.
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Kumar Properties
The life on Earth is possible because of the very basic and essential elements known as the ‘Panchabhutaas’. They are Aakaasha (Space), Vaayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal(Water) and Bhoomi (Earth). All creatures on the Earth including buildings are physically made up of these elements. For centuries, man has manipulated the Elements to build comfortable houses even in the most hostile environments.
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