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The client Dr. Athaulla and his wife are practicing doctors in Rural Karnataka in a place called Pavagada. When we first visited their then establishment, we noticed a lack of proper sequence of program for the experience of the patient; major hiccup being lack of proper waiting area.



Dr. Athaulla
14046 sft
Chetan G B, Shuba Deshmukh, Meghana, Govind Raj ,Gokul

Since they had a flourishing practice, there always used to be crowd in corridor spaces and the crowd extended out to the street where people waited in shade under a tree. We decided to address this core issue to create a sequence of program in the treatment of patients and to provide proper waiting areas. The overall massing revolved around the central courtyard with staircase and lift core in the South-West corner. The façade has been treated with jail wall on the South and East side to hide services being exposed and to optimize the temperature inside. Ground floor has floor area of 386.10 sq m (4155 sq ft) and is meant for out patients .It has consultation rooms, NICU, an emergency room, casualty room, pharmacy along with reception and lobby. First floor- 402.04 sq m (4327 sq ft) is dedicated for patients who need to be admitted and it has wards, duty rooms, nursing station, laboratory and X-ray room. The Second floor -402.04 sq m (4327 sq ft) is for future development and it would follow similar area program as of the First Floor. At the client’s old practice the patients waited outside under the shade of a tree. With this observation we decided to introduce a courtyard which acts as the waiting area in the ground floor, this also creates a visual connectivity with the surrounding consultation rooms and also between different levels. This functionally helps in getting in more air and light inside the building. The Health Care Centre has a beautiful backdrop of the hills around. The Façade is treated with muted white tone and earthy terracotta jali which brings cool relief when temperatures soars and there is pop of yellow in-between the jali wall to create interest and curiosity in the minds of the children. The bands are introduced to break the monotonic look and they also provide structural support for the jali wall. This wall also helps in hiding the services on the exterior façade. The courtyard has a seater in the center which is finished with Hassan green granite and we have used textured tiles for flooring. The same pop of yellow colour from the façade is continued inside to maintain the same language of design. We have ensured consistent look and feel throughout the building. Inside the practice, everything has been done to give patients the most comfortable experience. The minimalist approach and integral design create a serene and relaxing atmosphere that reduces stress and makes patients feel welcome. Thanks to ample daylight- the compact building feels spacious and airy.