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House By The Park

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True to its name, the site has a huge park on its rear side. The brief given by the clients was therefore to connect the interiors with outdoor surroundings with a tropical feel.



Yelahanka, Bengaluru
Mr. & Mrs. Harsha
6700 sq ft
Akshitha, Shree Darshan, Anushka, Gokul

Planning of the house has been done on Stilt + 3 levels with multiple courts, projected balconies and other elements of greenery at all levels. Living room opens to the deck on one side and the triple height central courtyard visually connects all the main living areas. Areas in the floors above are connected though bridges overlooking the courts.The facade with louvers and large openings maximizes natural light and ventilation into the building, bringing in the essence of surroundings into the built space seamlessly and ensures privacy simultaneously.