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Sangolli Rayanna Sainik School
The site is split into two parts by the main access road. One part has the academic blocks and the other consists of a sports complex. The layout is inspired by the axial planning of the Mughal architecture and incorporates the concept of nodes, axis and inter connectivity.
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This hostel building is designed for competitive examinations aspirants with under-privileged background and the project is carried out for KKRDB, Karnataka. The plan is divided as a simple triangle with an atrium in the center.
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Orchid International School
This was a redevelopment project and requirement was to give a new look to the school. We used jaali wall and brick cladding for the façade, we brought in pop colors to add in more of young and vibrant feel.
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Kreis Chitrahalli
The concept revolves around the ancient Gurukul system where the students would reside in the campus with their Guru.The layout imitates a tree.The brief was to provide residential facilities for both students and faculty for a set of educational institutes.
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