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The TWO CUBE House

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This Ground+2 floors- 4 BHK residence in a quiet residential area in Shimoga is designed for a family that includes a couple with their young daughter and grandparents.The front elevation is —-the facade has been divided into various volumes creating an interactive exterior that arouses a hint of curiosity among every passerby.



Shivamogga, Karnataka
Mr & Mrs Santhosh
On going
7800 sq ft
Sufyan, Anushka,Shree Darshan.

The louvered facade lets in diffused natural light, ensures privacy and at the same time provides a view of the outside. The living room is a double height area which provides an expansive sense of space and opens to outdoor garden on one side and to the triple height courtyard space on the other. A sense of calm and tranquillity is created with natural light streaming through large windows and openings. Other functions nestled deeper within the site get their share of landscape and light through courtyards in setbacks and skylights above. With the inclusion of many gardens and sitout spaces at different levels, the inhabitants can feel connected to nature inside and outside. The central courtyard on the ground floor is the focal point of the house and connects all the areas seamlessly. Daughter’s bedroom on the first floor has study area in the mezzanine and hence the room is connected to both levels. The use of earthy colours and wood elements provide a minimalist and modern feel to the house.The daughter’s bedroom at the first floor is designed with mezzanines that houses the recreational or study area while the lower level serves as sleeping area.This room is therefore accessible from both levels.