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This hostel building is designed for competitive examinations aspirants with under-privileged background and the project is carried out for KKRDB, Karnataka. The plan is divided as a simple triangle with an atrium in the center.



HSR Layout Bangalore.
Kalyana Karnataka Regional Development Board
7021.21 sqm 
Chetan, Shubha, Govind, Gokul.

 Boy’s hostel and girl’s hostel blocks are separated with the introduction of administration block in between and they have separate entrances. Parking and services are provided in the basement and are designed considering the soil bearing capacity. This G+4 building houses rooms for a capacity of 375 students with 5 people in each room. It has additional executive rooms for the officials as well. Both hostel blocks are provided with common spaces like Dining area on the ground floor; Reading area on the first floor, gym on the second floor and library on third floor. The central administration black houses offices, board rooms as well as gathering spaces like auditorium and open air theatre. The material palette is limited to simple colors. concrete finishes, wire cut brick wall cladding and jali walls  which give in light from the east side add to the aesthetics of the building . All areas are very well ventilated and have been designed to make the building function efficiently.