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Kreis Chitrahalli

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The concept revolves around the ancient Gurukul system where the students would reside in the campus with their Guru.The layout imitates a tree.The brief was to provide residential facilities for both students and faculty for a set of educational institutes.
The layout imitates a Gurukul tree by using a set of concentric rings for each typology of buildings. The circular roads are inter-connected with radial driveways at regular intervals to segregate each institute.



Chitrahalli Chitradurga, Karnataka
Government Of Karnataka
5223404 sft
Chetan, Shubha, Amrutha, Raj, Vipul.

The innermost circle is a huge landscaped area consisting to house a public gathering and can be looked into by all the surrounding academic buildings. The secondary ring consists of the faculty quarters followed by the student dormitories. The irregular corners of the site are used for sports activities. The entrance plaza consists of a contemporary tower, imitating folded hands as a sign of welcome.
Massing of a typical academic block is such that it creates deep niches for shading the windows without using chajjas. Every two academic buildings are combined by adjoining libraries or seminar halls hovering over a double height driveway. Each classroom is a detached modular block ventilated on three sides and arranged around courtyards that are open to sky. The use of jail walls on the facade creates an interesting element and enables privacy while ventilating the space inside.