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Farm House

About Project

The clients were an elderly couple with their children and grandchildren living abroad. So the brief revolved round the fact that once or twice a year the house was going to have people visiting them, but for most part it would only be the couple living in there. As architects we designed a house in basically two parts where one part could be used and the other part can be locked and left unused for long periods. First part was comprised of the Master bedroom, Kitchen, Utility and a small dining cum family room. The other part had the formal dining, living and staircase accessing the first floor. The first floor further had one bedroom, a large family area and a small reading nook.



Smilee Greens, Huskur Road, Bangalore
Mr. Shashank Garg & Mrs. Isha Garg
4400 sft
Chetan, Shubha, Vipul

The most exciting part of this site was its location. It had several trees around and the views were fabulous from every angle. A linear approach was taken to design the site which would allow us to create a clean rectangular form that would act as a backdrop to the site without eating into the clear lush open area around. This also led to us giving large openings in the house that allowed landscape to merge with the interiors. Louvers were provided for these openings, especially on the west side to cut off the harsh sun without completely blocking the view. The plan was also carefully derived so that there were no trees cut for construction.

Lastly, the client’s role in facilitating this project is immeasurable – an educated couple with a lot of curiosity and interest about architecture helped us in reaching our goal. Without their collaboration, this project wouldn’t have turned out the way it has.

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