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The proposed “Eco- Village” is planned on a huge piece of contoured land (68 acres) surrounded by lush greenery in Bangalore, Karnataka. The project covers an area of 5.8 acres which includes an existing pond. The design of the layout has taken into the consideration the state of the art design features for living atmosphere and arrangements of open space so as to create a pleasant environment for visitors.



Mr. Satish
5.8 acres
Chetan, Shubha, Govind, Gokul, Sufyan, Akshitha, Anushka.

As the eco-village states to offer the healing experience so the cottages are planned in such a way that they provide an aesthetic view of the pond and infinity pool which can be seen from landscaped entrance plaza as well. The landscaped plaza is designed in a particular manner to go along with site contours so that the water flows and gets collected in the pond eventually. Also, Parking area is buffered by stepped landscape in such a way that it proposes interaction spaces along the parking belt. In addition to this, ‘Clubhouse’ is proposed along with café space, swimming pool and gardens around it. The visual connection of spaces creates a peaceful frame of mind which solves the purpose of the project.