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Sangolli Rayanna Sainik School

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The site is split into two parts by the main access road. One part has the academic blocks and the other consists of a sports complex. The layout is inspired by the axial planning of the Mughal architecture and incorporates the concept of nodes, axis and inter connectivity. Vehicular movement is restricted to the peripheral road to create an uninterrupted pedestrian area. Public buildings such as the academic buildings and the research buildings are planned along a central linear spine with the hostel blocks at the end of the spine. The use of a modular system of planning enables future expansion and seamless design.



Sangolli, Belagavi
Kranti Veera Sangolli Rayanna Pradikara
100 acres
Chetan, Shubha, Vipul, Amrutha, Raj, Nayana, Hari , Balaji, Meghana, Akshitha, Govind, Godavari, Gokul, Anushka, Sufyan.

The heart of the campus is the enclosed quadrangular plaza with multifunctional performance spaces similar to the traditional Wada house as it encourages interaction and can be used for public gatherings. The use of integrated landscape elements such as water bodies and planters bring relief to the dry climate. The idea of bringing in an iconic structure for the surrounding towns resulted in a dominating form with large stepped entrances and sloping roofs supported by pilots reflecting the contours present on the site. To add further interest to the facade, a combination of solid masses and staggered glazing is used.
Buildings are interconnected at upper levels creating a covered double height plaza supported by columns. The residential towers are located at the end of the site for privacy, arranged on a circular layout with a central play area. Hostel block is given a cubic form on stilts using louvers and glazing as facade treatment. Local materials
such as concrete and dry cladding with local stone are used along with perforated aluminum sheet, glass and steel.