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Stem House

Stem House

About Project

This modest house was designed on a plot of 4000 sft area in a quiet residential area in Mysore. 



Mr. & Mrs. Ganesh
5800 Sq.ft
Akshitha, Anushka, Sufyan, Shree Darshan

The house was conceptualized as an open housewith minimum walls on the Ground Floor. The Living room, Dining, Puja, Kitchen , Courtyard with Staircase are all interspersed with each other with minimal visual obstruction. The landscaped areas were provided in the front part of the site. This axts as a buffer zone to create privacy to the house from the main road in front. The requirement was simple with 4 bedrooms and parking for 3 cars. The elevation was simple too with a large balcony attached to the bedroom on the First Floor over looking the road. Intricate jaali is used to provide privacy and also let in diffused light from the outdoors.