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Science Museum

Science Museum

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The plan is thematic of the divine proportion (the golden ratio) put forth by the renowned polymath Leonardo Da Vinci. The concept here attempts to illustrate the idea of unifying the form and function of the museum creating an amalgamation of the novel programmes offered and the infrastructure portraying consonance by employing a seamless circulation with the schematic zoning following the golden ratio.



Urugadur village, Shimoga, Karnataka
Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
7 Acres
Chetan, Shubha, Gokul, Sufyan, Darshan

With the science park promoting social interactions, it cues at the activity halls and the auditorium serving as the center of a defined field. Adjacent to the auditorium is the activity hall promoting interpretation of information displayed and interactive learning with a section zoned out for inflatable dome planetarium. The main exhibition area houses the temporary and permanent exhibition halls conceived for the display of exhibits and the reception hall with reception and souvenir counters. The open science park is heavily landscaped with spaces interspersed with the outdoor exhibits and recreational components like snack bars and seating areas. All the components of the design incorporate the primary concept of circulation which was envisioned and encourage movement to facilitate the fascinating journey of exploration.