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Rhythms of the Earth
The proposed “Eco- Village” is planned on a huge chunk of contoured land (68 acres) surrounded by lush greenery in Bangalore, Karnataka. The project covers the area of 5.8 acres which includes a existing pond.
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Gun House Restaurant
Located around the corner of the Mysore palace, this Gun house is a bright red structure with white borders all around. This Building is more than a century old and is a remnant of the city’s colonial past. This was going to be refurbished to house a fine dine Restaurant and a food court.
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The site is located at Hesargatta, in the outskirts of the city amidst greenery. It is covered with teakwood trees around. The design was conceptualized in such a way that none of the trees had to be cut.
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Vision cinema
An extended food court designed for Vision cinema located behind GRS fantasy park, Metagalli, Mysuru. It is designed using steel structures without disturbing the existing building. It has an internal dining on two floors along with stalls and an open dining space at the roof top.
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Yathri Nivas
This was a project developed for the tourists visiting Nandgad. There is a central circular courtyard which links to the cottages, guest rooms and VIP dining, dormitory, amphitheater and parking. These accommodations open to the central courtyard and even have their own private courtyards.
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